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Gorgeous Bridal Boudoir!

Bridal Boudoir, a very quickly rising trend for brides! What is it? A very sultry for his eyes only photo shoot. I am often told ohhhh I totally want to do that once I lose 10, 20 etc pounds, please hear me out, you do not need to lose any pounds, that’s right none at all. This shoot is for your man he loves you, your curves included. Besides you are gorgeous just the way you are and it is my mission to not only make his eyes pop out and his jaw hit the floor but to have you look at the images I see yourself as beautiful. The client you see in these photos not only purchased an album to gift her husband to be the morning of the wedding but will be ordering a big canvas collection to hang in her bedroom, many people said to me wow she is brave, her response is that she wants her and her husband to remember how she looked at this time in their life and have these photos to look back on forever, I think that is a fantastic idea.

Brides can feel awkward at the beginning of these shoots (who wouldn’t) it is completely normal to feel a bit nervous and awkward you are not alone.  First of all I do not share ANY image without permission from these shoots that is important to know.  Most of all though the whole shoot is an experience from hair and make up to the shoot the whole experience is about pampering. 

I encourage bringing a close friend it helps with nerves and makes the whole thing so much more fun a great experience for both of you, when the shoot is done you won’t want to stop and will leave laughing and excited.  I offer several different packages so you can chose the experience and product right for you.  I have also done Bachelor Parties which is just an absolutely amazing time!    

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