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Display your memories!

I shoot for many family and friends, I can't tell you how much joy it brings me, when I walk in their homes and see photos I took for them proudly displayed on their walls. Most of them print on their own, which is great, I send galleries with print ready files for you to do just that. I find the best options for local client printing are London drugs, and Costco.

I do however offer the ability to get pricing for professional printing through me as well. The products are definitely worth the little extra money especially albums for weddings. So if you just don't want to deal with getting the prints, or you want the great professional quality feel free to ask about product pricing.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have a client send me this photo exclaiming how much she loves this big 24x36 print they made of one of the photos from their shoot. I get excited when people have 8x10 or a collage of 4x6's on their walls, but a 24x36! This is fantastic, and I asked permission to share this photo because I know so many people are afraid of big prints. But this gives an example of how to do it perfectly!

Print your photos! Print them big! Make a gallery wall, these are your memories and what matters most!

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