How to Choose A Good Wedding Photographer?

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

There are so many photographers how do you chose? Here is a break down for you. After my 7 years of experience as a wedding photographer I have some great insight on what to look for.

1) Decide what you are willing to spend. I had a very small budget wedding but probably spent the most on my photography. Remember that the photos and possibly video are all you have left of your day afterwards. Is it worth taking a chance?

2) Browse through blogs, websites, Facebook and Instagram for portfolios you enjoy. Remember to search by hashtags as well. Once you find a style you are drawn to start narrowing your search to 3-5 favorites

3) Make contact with your favorites find out pricing and see who may be in within your budget.

4) Meet at least 2 photographers or at least get on the phone with them.

5) At the meeting ask to see a couple whole galleries for weddings similar to yours in locations. All photographers will show their most outstanding shots in their marketing you want to make sure the whole gallery meets your standards.

6) Ask if they are comfortable with undesirable weather and lighting conditions.

7) Ask about back up procedures I can't stress this enough. My personal procedure is as follows, 2 card slots in camera essentially creating back up while I shoot. When I get home I upload to my external drive, in the morning I bring it into my laptop. Also 1 of the two cards will remain untouched until I have safely delivered your images. Files DO go missing this is very important.

8) Make sure you like them! You are honestly with your photographer more than any person on your wedding day. Be sure to connect.

9) Be sure they have back up equipment all true pros do. Equipment can and will fail as I learned last summer 2 mins before a ceremony my camera broke. I stayed calm and grabbed my backup camera and just kept shooting. I also had an amazing second shooter that day who helped immensely.

The compliments I get often, that mean the most are when people tell me I made them completely comfortable and made it fun! I love when I truly connect with a couple. The initial meeting and the engagement shoot are definitely invaluable. If anyone ever has questions please feel free to send me a message anytime! I will gladly help you out.

Shelley - Simply You Photography

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